Hi! I am Heather Westcott, and I founded Feather West after experiencing the joy and success of planning my own wedding and helping friends and family plan theirs. People have been telling me to design events since I was in college, but I took a different professional detour first...

I am a licensed architect in the state of California and work by day as an architect on both architectural and interior design projects. By night and weekend I work on my passion project, this growing business in designing special events. As an architect for over a decade I have worked for both high end residential clients as well as corporate clients including Apple, The Nature Conservancy, and Venrock. With that sort of educational and professional background you can be sure my eye for good design and well laid out spaces is honed every day!

Designing an event is so much like designing a building or your home! You set a budget and a scope and push and pull - maybe you have to give up one high end detail in order to have another high end detail you love - you stretch the budget and look for the biggest bang for your buck! And then you focus your camera (and your guests!) on your favorite parts.

My talent for managing all the moving parts of an event, my extreme attention to detail and my knack for being a master list maker will make the planning of your event a breeze - and my design background will help you figure out how to infuse your style and personality and turn it into a beautiful event, making it a day to remember!


Here's a little bit about me - 

  • I need sunshine.
  • Warmth with that sunshine doesn't hurt either.
  • Happiness is a place where I don't have to wear shoes.
  • With cold weather there had better be snow.
  • The ocean kind of (ok, completely) scares me. 
  • I like to ride my bike....and my scooter...and my other bike...
  • I've done 4 Ironman triathlons (<-- crazy, I know.)
  • I grew up in Ohio. MidWest!
  • Baking is the more fun sibling to cooking.

I can't wait to learn something about you!